Monday, December 31, 2018
By bemoworld
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Ahhhhhh I'm not too late! It's the last day of 2018 and I have some last minute Junebug vs Evil things to share. Mostly just worked on performance updates in-game, but also a few noticeable changes in Junebug's yard.

While it's mostly visual things, I've placed a very cool 'blood moon' type effect I'd like to use. Boss battles maybe? Big hordes of creatures?

Screenshots below!

Happy New Year!

See you in 2019!

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Friday, November 23, 2018
By bemoworld
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Sooooo, I've been busy. A lot has been updated / added on Junebug vs. Evil. We got :

  • A working weapons menu.
  • New autumn trees.
  • Updates to the idle animation.
  • In progress - Dodge roll!
  • New muzzle flash.

AND a brand new weapon! The Lever Action Rifle. This bad boy can pierce through enemies while doing high damage to targets further away. I guess playing too much Red Dead Redemption 2 sorta has side effects when making a game.

ALSO : An entirely new aiming / weapon system! :O

Junebug now has separate arms from his main body that hold the weapons and follow the mouse cursor allowing full 360 aiming. This opens up a lot more in terms of gameplay and also makes it very very very easy for me to make more weapon assets for him.

Pretty happy with this month. 


That last image is the current playzone. ;)

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Saturday, October 13, 2018
By bemoworld
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Happy October

Let's get started

New animation & C-C-Combo Attack!

So, I had the privilege of having one of Junebug's attack animations (with the fire axe) updated / redone completely by Twitter user @BannonRudis. I saw immediately that despite this being 2D, the characters can animate with their 3D space in mind. Junebug is much more dynamic and I'll be updating plenty of his animations next.

So that power attack... I wanted to see what I've learned from Bannon's redux of the first animation and created that bad boy. Loved it enough to combo it into a 2 step attack chain. This 2nd attack does more damage though :) Oh, and it makes the axe GOLD!

This combo mechanic opens up new special types of attack chains and effects. (The shovel / sledgehammer/ banjo / other blunt type weapons can knock back enemies instead of doing extra damage for example.)

Check em out. Excuse the quality, this hurricane has downgraded me to a lower end machine until the power's back on.

Bannon's Animation

2 Step Combo.

Junebug has been watching too much HGTV, check out the new cabin porch!

oh hey look a banjo. that'll make a great weapon...

Meet the Warlock!

This spookyboi floats around and will attack... in some... appropriate manner. I just have not figured it out yet.

That's all for this month (right now) folks.


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Thursday, September 13, 2018
By bemoworld
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Phew. Between surgery (currently recovering) and getting blistering sunburn rafting on the Shenandoah river earlier this month, I was able to make some heavy progress for Junebug vs Evil. There's now 6 zombies, an AK-47, new lighting, a chicken coop to protect, and some creepy animations.

I'm currently working on health / damage, spawning waves, and maybe a new undead creature...

An attack animation and one of the new zombies

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
By bemoworld
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It's been an hot minute since my last update. That's not holding our friend Junebug from getting his updates though! This time he's got a new weapon, a new "non Mario bro" outfit, UI, and a much prettier yard.

This new weapon, the fire axe, is pretty essential to his design for me. As much as I would absolutely freaking love for him to have a shovel right now, the axe fits the "Evil Dead" theme of the game a bit more.

Don't worry, there will be a shovel.

His new design sorta pained me to start be honest. I love flannel. But the whole long john under overall thing just works better. (It's also easier to animate!) In the end, I'm extremely happy with it. The yard is also filled out more and layered nicely, which I plan on continuing.

You'll also notice at the top left, there's now the beginnings of the UI. Moonshine healthbar jug? Moonshine healthbar jug!

The next round of updates are pretty exciting from what I have in mind. I'm thinking... Automatic ranged / melee weapons?


From January to August 2018. Progress so far.


Also, the working name moving forward : Junebug vs. Evil

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